Looking for an auto repair shop can be quite the task, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the realm of work. Sometimes it can be frightening handing off your vehicle to a repair shop that you have zero performance track record of and let’s say…you’re just hoping for the best. To mitigate this issue, here’s four tips to ensure you are receiving auto repairs from a trusted and reliable repair shop.

Check for Certification
Always check for certification, sometimes this information is available on the company’s website and/or posted in their shop. Generally speaking, a reliable auto repair shop should be certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. But, just because they are not certified, does not mean we should exactly write them off just yet; check our next recommendation to find out why.

Family and Friend Recommendations
What is a good way to locate a legitimate auto repair shop? Ask your trusted family and friends for recommendations. Chances are, someone in your network is going to send you to their mechanic because they had a positive experience with them. So, if you move forward with the recommendation, make sure you still check to determine if the auto shop is certified. If it is not certified, but your family member or friend recommended the location, you now have the opportunity to decide to move forward or keep searching.

Better Business Bureau
As auto repair shops are #12 on the Better Business Bureau’s list for highest complaints in the country…it’s key to perform brief research on their website to determine each shop’s legitimacy. Visit Better Business Bureau to research the shops in questions or shops that were recommended to determine which should you should avoid.

Ask For Warranties
Many ethical auto repair shops offer warranties on their repairs and maintenance. If you visit a repair shop and they offer zero warranties on repairs, maintenance or new tires…there’s a chance they may be shady and aiming to drain you for your cash. But, if they do offer warranties, that provides the vehicle owner some insurance that the auto shop is confident about the performance of their work.

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