In the United States and even around the globe, vehicle modifications are all the rage. Some make modifications to improve the vehicle’s cosmetics, while some modify their vehicle to enhance the performance. If you are considering modifying your vehicle, here are the top five car modifications of 2020 to provide you with some ideas.

Turbochargers and Superchargers
The addition of turbochargers and superchargers are a great way to improve the performance of your vehicle. Both of these chargers will increase power due to boosting your engine by forcing out more air. Although the State of California holds strict emission guidelines, do not let it deter you from making your modification a reality. To determine if a turbocharger or supercharger is best for your vehicle, read more at MotorTrend.

Paint Jobs
A paint job is a great way to enhance the overall look of your vehicle. Whether a classic, luxury, or everyday car, a simple paint job has the potential to revive the cosmetics of your vehicle. Now, performing a paint job on your vehicle can be quite a messy experience, and many cities hold pollution ordinances, so we recommend attaining professional work. Getting your vehicle painted can be expensive, so to make sure you’re quoted in-range of national averages, read more at Car and Driver.

Suspension Upgrades
The addition of suspensions can be a fun way to upgrade your vehicle. When modifying your vehicle with suspensions, you will likely begin to feel a difference in the overall ride, as the steering stability and handling will improve. Also, suspensions are often tied to the safety of your vehicle, The Car Doctor has your back, as they share six signs your vehicle needs suspension repair.

Window Tint
The addition of window tint is another excellent way to enhance the cosmetics of your vehicle. Window tint is a cheap way to improve your vehicle’s look and extend the lifespan of the interior inside. As we all know, California can easily reach the triple digits in the summer, making window tint vital to any vehicle’s car interior. There are specific window tinting laws in California, so make sure you are informed before making any modifications.

Underbody Neon Lights
To all of the car enthusiasts out there, underbody lights are legal in the State of California. Although adding under-glow lights to your vehicle does not necessarily enhance the performance, many would argue that it doesn’t assist in the cosmetics area either. This is a fun way to separate your vehicle from others. If you want to attain under-glow lights, you will want to make yourself aware of the California Neon Underglow Lights Law.