One of the most critical parts of a vehicle to maintain is your brakes. Ensuring that brakes are operating at their best capacity will increase the safety of your car, keeping you and your family safe.

One of our greatest wishes in 2021 and beyond is for all of our valued clients to stay atop of maintenance to increase their brakes lifespan while also increasing safety standards and your vehicle’s overall longevity.

One question we often receive from our clients is, “How often should I have my brakes checked?” Well, on average, you should have your brakes inspected every six months to a year. But, should you experience any brake abnormalities, have them inspected sooner.

To keep you in line with best brake practices, here are five signs you need to have them inspected immediately:

Abnormal sounds
Should you hear any abnormal sounds coming from your brakes, have them inspected immediately. If you suddenly begin to hear your brakes squeaking or grinding, contact your auto-shop as soon as possible to have them inspected. Even if your brakes slowly begin producing abnormal sounds, it’s best to stay atop of maintenance; make an appointment.

Brake-fluid leaks
If at any point you begin to see fluid withdrawing from your brakes, they need to be inspected. Fluid leaks may start to occur slowly, and you’ll begin to find fluid droppings in your driveway or any time you move your vehicle…this is an indication that your brakes need maintenance.

Decreased resistance
Anytime you experience a decrease in resistance, this poses an immediate threat to the safety of your vehicle. Often a decrease in resistance is connected to issues with your brakes. Anytime you feel poor handling of your car, get your brakes inspected immediately.

Pedal vibration
When it’s time to do maintenance on your brakes, you may feel a sense of pedal vibration. You will begin to feel a slight vibration on the foot you use to brake your vehicle. The pedal vibration may start to worsen over time; remember, it’s best practice to make an appointment to have brakes inspected as soon as possible.

Remember, if you’re ever unsure about any maintenance, contact an auto-shop professional to garner their recommendation to ensure the proper care of your vehicle.